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*swish* Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye. and welcome back to the Jacksepticeye Power Hour. I hope you all have your winnin’ lotto tickets, because I’m going to open up gifts on tutorial *laughs* I finally got all the stuff from PAX East We were there in, umm April!.

Yeah, April! It was March the year before It was April this year, so I came back from there a couple of weeks ago And, all the stuff finally arrived! Well, I’ve been back like a month. But, I was waiting for all this stuff to come, and I failed to get it yesterday because the delivery guy was like, quot;Hey!quot;.

quot;I don’t know where your house is.quot; And then he came today and was like, quot;Hey I found it!quot; *laughs* So, Let’s get right into it, I guess. I don’t think all the stuff is here. And, I I mean, A lot of confusion happens when we’re at signings, cause this is all the stuff people gave us while we were signing stuff. so people come up, and they get their picture.

They sign stuff and they meet you and they talk to you and it’s awesome but a lot of times they give you gifts. and that is so near and dear to me because I absolutely love gettin’ gifts from people just in general, who doesn’t like getting gifts? Really. Uhm, but the fact that they are from you guys.

Because you watch the tutorials that I do It makes it extra special but, what ends up happening is that because there was a few of us signing, we put stuff on the table behind us, and when the next person is coming up and then people who are working there like grab it and put it into a big box and then it all has to get sorted out after. so any stuff that’s not explicitly like,.

quot;Septiceyequot; related or anything that doesn’t go with the quot;Jack boxquot; The JackintheBox Then it kinda It gets miscommunicated. and might go somewhere else So, if some of the stuff isn’t here I really apologize. I’m going to try and get any of the stuff that’s lying around, uhm. from PAX somewhere else and I’m going to try and get that sent here.

But, I have most of them! Uhh, Let’s just start! THIS ONE, is a lil Sans! This one was cool uhm His eyes light up, but There’s a lot of mechanisms inside him, and I think the batteries were taken out, yeah.

CHUBB WANT CAKE Riddle School 3

*wapoosh* Top of the morning to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Rrrrridle School 3! I’ve no idea what the hell is going to happen in this one. um. I hope they get a lot more rambunxious, because right now it’s just the case of getting in, seeing the same characters and then getting out of school. Nothing too crazy has happened so I’ll see what this one is like. If it’s not too completely different then we’ll see how we progress in the future ones.

I’m really glad people like these! It’s kinda harkening back to the past; harkening back to when people used to play these. I’ve no idea when this one came out but it’s good! Let’s play! Is that an XMen symbol? quot;JonBro presents.quot; The Riddle High School! That’s a very small school, at the side of the ocean? *confused jack is confused*.

Why is it at the ocean? quot;A Newgrounds game.quot; There’s Coldy McColdson, there’s Smiley and there’s. John(?) I forget all their names already! I should remember them. What’s up, bro? quot;Riddle School 3.quot; Okay, that was kinda anticlimatic.

I thought you were gonna like, pull out a parchment and it’d have like an Elder Scroll on it or something. Here we go! Okay. First and foremost graphics. MUCH nicer than before! Nice one. World map. quot;You are here.quot; quot;World Map: ‘You are here, not here.’quot; quot;I don’t even know how to comment on that.quot; *laughs* Okay, Mr Soggy.

quot;That’s Mr Soggy.quot; quot;He is a generally lazy teacher who can be strict if he wants to be.quot; MOO! quot;That ‘moo’ is the best thing about this classroom, besides the door to leave.quot; Ah, it’s Zack! quot;That’s Zack. I don’t know why, but he is always cold.quot; quot;He ran into the cafeteria while it was burning a few days ago,quot; quot;and all of the flames were frozen solid.quot;.

quot;From what little I payed attention t. to during my science classes,quot; quot;that shouldn’t be possible.quot; I have a feeling that these dudes are all the XMen! This is like the prequel to XMen! A prequel like XMen: First Class, these are all the guys and their superpowers, quot;That’s my friend, Phred. He lent me his whistle to escape school a while ago.quot; quot;It’s too bad he lost his whistle recently, or I’d be out of here in a matter of seconds.quot; Yes. A smiling globe?.

quot;A smiling globe. thing on the wall is not enough to make me happy.quot; It’s not really smiling. I mean, it kinda looks like it has a face on it. quot;Peeling wallpaper. Someone must have mistaken the wall for a banana.quot; *laughs* quot;That’s Miley. For some.quot; quot;That’s Smiley.quot; That’s Miley. That’s Miley Cyrus. ♪We can’t stop!♪.

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