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Josh:hey guys, josh axe here with jordan rubin. Welcome to Ancient Medicine Today. We’ve got a great show for you. Were going to talk about the top nine cancercausing foods. You want to get out of your pantry, you want to get off your dinner plate, and you want to replace with healthy real foods.

Jordan and i love teaching this message on natural health and healing, so help us spread this message right now on how to fight cancer by getting the right foods on your plate. Take a minute right now, punch that share button, click that like button. Help us spread the word on how to use food as medicine and not poison as we’ll talk about today. Also, let us know right now the city youre from, the state you’re from, the country from.

We’d love to give you a shout out right now all of you who are watching live. So Jordan, we know that cancer is a huge disease that so many people are diagnosed with it some point in their life. And a big part of that is what they’re eating on a daily basis. So talk to us a bit about now, what is that cancer food connection? Why is it or how is it possible that food can play be so detrimental in terms of causing.

Cancer in our diets today? Jordan:Well, many natural health researchers believe that the increase in cancer, the dramatic increase in cancer is largely due to our environment. And part of that has to do with what we eat. What’s worse about these foods that we’re going to talk about is that many of them are promoted and advertised as health foods.

You’ve heard the old adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And everyone out there has been touched by this dreaded disease cancer, so you know someone, you love someone, maybe you are someone who has a history of cancer in their family, who wants to prevent cancer, who wants to fight cancer, you need to be watching this. You know, there’s some radical steps people take to prevent cancer. We’ve heard of people that have a history of breast cancer getting a radical double.

Mastectomy . . . Josh:Oh yeah. Jordan:. . . for prevention. What next, someone who has a family history of brain cancer getting their head cut off? Josh:Yeah. Jordan:I mean seriously, folks there is a better way.

So today, we’re going to talk about these nine foods and the hidden ingredients in them that are carcinogenic or cancercausing. Josh:Yeah. So we’re going to give a shout out to many of you watching today right now. All right, looks like we’ve got Michael Johnson watching in Eugene, Oregon. Hey Michael, thanks for joining us here today.

Brady bennett, watching from victoria, british columbia, canada. Celeste Bradley from San Diego, California. Alex Vital watching from London, UK. Hey Alex, thanks for being here with us today. Sarah Galloway watching from Cleveland, Ohio. Susan Tinkman watching from Fort St. John, British Columbia.

Ask Your Dentist Silent Producer unknown 1928

boys and girls are in a classroom listening to a teacher. The teacher is pointing to words written on the chalkboard. On the chalkboard is written To give form to the face and Sound teeth do the best work Closeup of the chalkboard. There are words written on it; Why you need teeth, What they do, To cut and grind the food. Closeup of a model of a mouth with teeth. The model is moved to show the action of the teeth. To give form to the face is written on the blackboard..

a model of a boy’s face is shown. An inset of the boy’s mouth before dental work is shown to compare to the current, improved condition of the mouth. The inset shows an overbite, with teeth protruding on the top. Another model is shown with an inset. The model shows a jaw pushed out; the mouth is closed. The inset depicts protruding lower teeth. Written on the blackboard is To aid personal appearance. A closeup of a young boy with discolored and rotting teeth is shown. The pictures gradually change to show the boy with attractive, cleaned and repaired teeth..

sound straight teeth do the best work is written on the chalkboard. A model of a mouth is shown. The model is opened up to show the inside of the mouth. A pointer points at the teeth. All strong and healthy. Yours should be. A teacher stands among a classroom filled with girls and boys. The children are raising their hands..

the teacher calls on one boy who stands up to talk. What causes a cavity in a tooth? The boy sits back down at his desk. Imperfect places in the enamel and unbalanced nutrition. A dental instrument shows dark spots in the depressions on the top of single model tooth. The starchy foods remain there, forming an acid..

model of single tooth with the depressions filled with dark matter. Cross section of a molar A model of a single tooth is being sawed in half to show a cross section. The cross section of a tooth is shown. A pointer shows the decay in the crevices of the model tooth. The decay gets bigger and invades the interior of the model tooth..

it should be filled at once! The decay spreads even farther in the model tooth The teacher is talking to the students in the classroom The children raise their hands How does a cavity in a tooth affect the rest of the body? The boy who asked the question is standing at his desk as the teacher replies: .

a good question. i suggest that you ask your dentist The teacher continues speaking to the student, who has his back to the camera as the teacher faces him. The boy is standing in front of a door. The door is mostly glass and the name on the door is Early Care, Dentist. The boy enters the dentist’s office. The boy looks around. There are chairs and wall sconces and a chandelier. A nurse comes over and puts her hand on the boy’s arm..

the dentist enters the room through an arched doorway. he is a tall man with a mustache. he and the boy shake hands, The boy talks to the dentist while the nurse looks on. The boy asks the dentist a question. , how does a cavity in a tooth affect the rest of the body? The dentist is facing the camera and the boy is facing the dentist. The dentist talks to the boy. Come with me, into the visual instruction room..

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