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I’m Joe neely, and i practice with the barton oaks dental group.I’m going to talk about using a night guard for tooth grinding, or in many cases for tooth clinching.Since probably more people simply clinch with excessive forces, than grind.The night guard has three purposes.The first purpose is to simply put something in between your two sets of teeth, top and bottom, that’s softer than your tooth enamel.The plastic that a night guard is made out of, even though it feels hard, is much less dense than your tooth, and so if.

Somethings going to wear, the plastic will wear.The second thing the night guard does, is, because it has some thickness to it, it gives the muscle a different position to rest in, and to function in.Striated muscles, if you stretch them a little bit, if you extend them, and then contract them, its therapeutic for the muscle.It’s the same thing a runner would do when they’re stretching their legs, or ballerinas stretching out, or a gymnast.You’re basically are functioning with that muscle at a longer position for the muscle.

The third thing the night guard does, is, it gives your jaw support and yet freedom of function.The, the purpose of a custom made night guard, like any orthotic for our sh, sh, running shoes or whatever, is it can be shaped to fit the patient’s bite exactly.To where when you bite down, you have full support, even support, and when you go through the different motions and movements of the jaw, your, the, the plastic is shaped to where it puts that jaw through an ideal pattern of movement, rather than a hard pattern of.

Movement.The reason that you wouldn’t want to go to the sporting goods store and get an athletic mouthpiece, is that as you bite into the athletic mouthpiece, your teeth, top and bottom, sink into that mold, and now your teeth are locked in position.And so, with the mouthpiece in place, if you need to, if you’re functioning, then your, the teeth slide across the plastic.If they’re locked into position, and you grind, then the only thing that, that gets torn up is the joint, and that’s not a good thing.

Bruxism Treatment Discover The Natural Bruxism Treatment

Hi my name is michelle and i know that a lot of people out there are struggling to treat bruxism and you just kinda don’t know what to do when there’s a lot of free information on the internet so it can be really confusing to try and find out what factor actually real and that’s the problem with preset on the internet is you know it’s like it’s like trying to you make a jigsaw puzzle when you don’t have all the pieces because you’re sitting there like finding the pieces of information from various.

Sources and these different tips and tricks and who knows it any of them even work the best solution really is to get a paid product which goes out of its way to explain it for you and yes it cost money but you know what you’re getting with it and actually i’m to go back the best way to get the most value is to buy a paid product that has a money back guarantee so if for any reason the method that you tried doesn’t work for you you get your money back so it’s free anyway seriously.

Is so worthwhile because then you get a full completely understood package actually really great you know and especially if there’s one website bruxism treatment nextag it wasn’t really great because it actually gives you options it like goes and reviews the different products based on what other people have said online so from like forums and in and chat rooms at this become an everyday like paul the stuff that people have actually said and a post about the product and then it’s like most popular products so you can see usually find something that’s going to work for you in all of.

Dental Implants Atlanta FAQ Am I A Good Candidate For Dental Implants

Dental implants atlanta faq am i a good candidate for dental implants almost everyone who is missing one or more teeth and in general good health is a good candidate for dental implants treatment.Implant dentistry success factors to look for adequate bone support sometimes bone grafts are considered for patients who do not have enough bone support.Good overall health patients who smoke, drink alcohol, or have diabetes usually have lower success rates with dental implants healthy gums patients with a high risk of gum disease often experience dental implant.

Am I A Good Candidate For Dental Implants In Atlanta

Dental implants atlanta faq am i a good candidate for dental implants advances in technology have made it possible for almost anyone to be a candidate for dental implants.Patients who have any of the following conditions will need to discuss their options with the dentist.Existing dental work implants can either reinforce or replace existing dental work such as bridges or dentures.Bone loss as long as there is enough bone tissue in the area, dental implants may still be successful.If there is not enough.

Bone, bonegrafting procedures may be required before an implant can be placed.Evaluate existing medical conditions discuss any medications or existing medical conditions with your .Generally, if you can have typical dental work done, then you can undergo the dental implant procedure.Gum disease gum disease can affect the success of a dental implant.Patients with moderate to severe gum disease may require treatment prior to implant placement.Smoking habit discuss how often you smoke with your .Smoking can affect the success of the implant as well as your.

TMJ Dysfunction Treatment with Botox Sneak Preview

Hi i’m David dana.Today i’m going to be demonstrating temporomandibular joint injection series of botulinum toxin on a patient that’s suffering from temporomandibular joint dysfunction.Botulinum toxin has proven very, very effective on the treatment of patients with tmd, also on patient’s with bruxism by reducing the number of episodes of clenching and also reducing the intensity of the clench.The tmd series consists of a series of injections which we inject the muscles of mastication as well as adjunctive muscles such as the glabella muscles the procerus and the superciliaris muscles as well as the frontalis.We will.

Dental Health Cause of Teeth Grinding

Do you grind your teeth well, my name is michelle, and i’m a dental assistant with solutionz, and i’m going to kind of explain to you on what causes teeth grinding, so therefore, maybe you can stop grinding your teeth.The main reason of when you grind your teeth is has to do with stress.If you have a lot of stress in your life, or if you tend to get stressed out easily you might notice throughout the period of the the day, or even maybe whenever you’re sleeping that you’re starting to grind your teeth.A good way and a form of to stop.

That is just to go see your general dentist.Therefore, he might want to make you like a night guard, or something to protect your teeth, therefore you won’t grind them down to too, too extreme.But mainly a lot of stress too, whenever you’re dreaming.A lot of people if they dream a lot they tend to grind their teeth.Also too, if you have a lot of tmj joint problems, which is your jaw joint problems that can promote the effects of teeth grinding, but there are several different reasons on what causes teeth grinding, but the main reason.

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