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My name is Joseph Goodman. I am a cosmeticdentist and we are in a Beverly Hills. We do a lot of cosmetic dentistry and also generaldentistry. What makes our office unique is the fact that we helping to a certain clientclass. We have patients from Chicago, New York, Arizona, Hawaii. But they coming toBeverly Hills because they know we do a lot of smile makeovers. quot; I am here at ‘sGoodman office on Beverly Hills. He is about to make my smile brightquot;. quot;Hi, my name isObi. I am from United Arab Emirates. I am in Beverly Hills with the best . Goodman. Everybody knows he is the bestquot;. A beautiful smile is a must. quot;I Havemy smile saved by Goodman and I had

a great experince and I really like my newsmile. A lot of people have been asking me about new smile. He did a really good job.And I am working on whitening of my teeth.quot; quot;This is a wonderful day and I am really happyand pleased, and let me tell you why. I was invited to Phil show and my tooth wasmissing. So they set me up with Joseph Goodman and I am telling youhe has given me a Hollywood smile. We have renamed him Joseph Hollywood Goodman.Because he is definitely the dentist you want to seequot;. quot;Hi, I am Cassie Cunzie.Miss Beverly Hills 2014. And I am excited to be in ‘s Goodman office and he dazzlingmy smilequot;. quot; I finished the first part of

theprocess of changing the veneers, so I had all of them removed, the top ten removed yesterdaywhich was relatively painless. And it was very comfortable with music. I thinkthe shape of them is greatquot;. quot;I feel like a brand new person. I have my teeth are perfectand they look excatly like mine except it is shiny and white. And I am smiling wholelot and I can’t take my eyes off myself. I amreally feel excited with the whole process herequot;. quot;I met Goodman’s office andI came in to get my Veneers redone because they were fifteen years old. And I am so excitedbecause everybody know he is the bestquot;. quot;I

have come. I have my teeth as you can seeand I am thrilled to triple that. And my friends, family used this dentist. So willbe seeing you again. You are welcome to call me whoever you are. I will be happy to tellyou that I am not related to him. Thank youquot;. quot;I was in a really bad accident which nockedout eight of my teeth. These what you see here are partials given to me by Goodman.And people stop me on the street giving me compliments on the partials. Andin couple months I will have wonderful beautiful teeth that will be permanently embeded inmy head. Thanks again to Goodman who has been completely supportive through outthis accident and I dont think I could have

made it though without him. And Goodmanis bihind the camera so he is like a camera manSo all he does is a different workquot;.quot;I came to Goodman’s office to do four veneersand my kids. And as a finall result I got which I am very happy with. And finallyI got my smile backquot;. What happened with your smile? quot;It’s nicequot;. It’s wonderful, wonderful.quot;I can go on the stage and sing again which is the most important partquot;. Do yousing? quot;Yeahquot;. And how far did you travel to see us? quot;From San Franciscoquot;. Wow. quot;And it’sworth it. The time, the driving to here, everything is worth itquot;. quot;I flawn allthe way from Singapore. Probably twenty two

hours. Just to comeback again and dental workdone with Goodmanquot;. quot;I am Miss Santa Monica USA and I am here at Goodman’s office to make my smile beautiful and white for Miss California USA stagequot;.quot;Myname is Mabelynn Capelu and I am Miss California USA 2013quot;. You already have a beutful smilebut what we can do for you today is we will whited them.quot; I want the perfect smile thatis possible to win Miss USAquot;. We do see regular, you know, Moms and Dads and we seesome kids. We also see some higher end patients, we also see some celebrities. Princes fromDubai. They are a little bit higher maitanance people.You kind of have to cater thema little bit. Every patient is important to

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