Does Grinding Teeth Disturb Sleep

Top 10 bizarre sleep disorders 10. Sleep Bruxism More commonly known as teeth grinding, sleep bruxism is when someone, while sleeping, is known to clench or grind their teeth together. Many say that it is caused by stress, tension, anxiety, suppressed anger, or something as simple as a misalignment of the teeth. Simple treatments are given to correct the problem generally, such as a mouth guard or therapy.

Though the condition doesnt seem very serious, in many cases sleep bruxism can become an issue. If the bruxism carries on for too long, it can lead to jaw disorders, damaged teeth, headaches, and other problems. 9. Sleep Apnea Sleep apnea is a very serious condition that is marked by the stopping and starting of breathing during the night. It is said that the condition elevates the risk for a stroke.

s say that loud snoring or waking up feeling tired even after a long nights rest may be indicators of sleep apnea. There are two main types of sleep apnea: obstructive, which is when the throat muscles relax and the airways narrow or close, and central sleep apnea, which is when the brain fails to send messages to the breathing muscles. Sleep apnea can be due to excess weight, high blood pressure, smoking, or a history of the disorder. 8. Somnambulism.

Better known as sleepwalking, somnambulism is said to be a pretty harmless condition that many people grow out of over time. However, it can be serious in some cases, as those who sleepwalk generally do daily tasks, so a sleepwalker could easily get into a car and drive. It is said that 15% of children between the ages of 812 experience sleepwalking. Many times the person who sleepwalks will not remember it, but may wake up with glassy eyes or speaking clumsily. Sleep walking it usually caused by an underlying problem, such.

As seizures, sleep apnea, ptsd, or arrhythmias, and is therefore not treated. instead the cause of sleep walking becomes the main focus. 7. Narcolepsy Weve all been tired during the day at some point in time, but people with narcolepsy are generally extremely tired during the day and will often experience sudden sleep spells. Narcoleptics can be extremely serious, but there is still no known cure. One out of every.

2,000 people is said to have narcolepsy. plenty of treatments exist, but none fully get rid of the condition. s believe that brain chemicals, notably hypocretin, play a large role in narcolepsy. Generally these cells are excessively damaged, which causes disruptions to sleep patterns, as hypocretin is known to regulate the REM sleep cycle as well as staying awake. However, no one knows why these cells are damaged, and how they become damaged. 6. Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).

Restless legs syndrome (rls) is classified by a strong and urgent need to move the legs. The urge is said to be extremely hard to resist, as there are often uneasy feelings felt inside of the legs. Some say its a prickling sensation while others say its more of a tingling feeling. In any case, the sensations can be painful, which makes sitting or lying down hard for those with RLS. RLS is a sleep disorder because the condition is said to be its worse at night and then eases off in the morning and it causes disruptions to normal sleep.

Patterns. it is said that 5%10% of people in the u.s. and northern europe will experience RLS. 5. Hypersomnia Hypersomnia is a very rare sleep disorder that is said to only affect 200 people in the world today. The disorder is made up of periods of severe sleepiness. These periods of sleep can last for up to 18 hours a day and can go on for days and even weeks. It.

Does snoring effect your health

Do you or your partner sore? the answer to that question can have dramatic effect on both your health. Let’s talk about snoring. The majority of males over the age of 40 snore. And many women do too. But snoring is often dismissed as the partners problem. It’s her problem or his problem, it’s not my problem.

But in fact, it may well be your problem. snoring occurs when the jaw drops back at night and with the tongue attached to it, it blocks the airway. So snoring is an indication of a blocked airway. How severe that is depends on how much of a restriction that occurs. But snoring has another effect too.

And that is its’ affect on your partner and their disturbed sleep. Presumably we care about our partner whom we sleep with. If we care about our partner and we’ve accepted that sleeping is the most important part of the persons day in terms of their health, then addressing the snoring issue is important, not only for your health (the person snoring because of the blocked airway),.

But your partner’s health so that you both enjoy a good night’s sleep. An appliance that we use commonly in our practice is what call a SOMNOMED. A Somnomed appliance consists of an upper appliance that sits on the top teeth, a lower appliance that sits on the lower teeth. It stops the jaw from dropping back at night.

When i first saw this appliance, and i wear one myself, I would I was taken a back at its size. But I’ve found it personally and professionally to be an important part of my good night’s sleep and possibly yours as well. Snoring is an important part of our health don’t ignore it!.

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