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When people are stressed, they sometimes clench their jaw and grind their teeth, which is called bruxism, and this can happen day or night, sometimes lasting a few days, and other times going on for months, and its usually that longterm grinding that can really cause problems. Grinding the top and bottom teeth together can lead to something called dental abfractiona loss of tooth structure, and dental attrition, which is when the biting surfaces of teeth.

Get flattened out. Eventually this can wearaway the protective outer surface of the tooththe enamel, to reveal the much more sensitive dentin below, resulting in tooth hypersensitivity and an increased risk of cavities. When its severe, bruxism can even cause a tooth fracture, tooth loosening, and even the loss of teeth, as well as damage any existing dental work like crowns and fillings.

Occasionally, people with bruxism bite their tongue as well, which can lead to crenated or scalloped tonguetooth shaped indentations on the tongue, and they sometimes they have canker sores from chewing their lips and inner cheeks. Bruxism can also lead to temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, which involves the muscles that help with chewingthe temporalis, masseter, and pterygoid muscles. All three of these work together to move the mandible, or the jawbone.

Clenching these muscles over and over can be tiring and painful especially in the preauricular area, which is right in front of the ear and cause headaches around the temples of the head. Bruxism can also lead to inflammation of the periodontal ligaments, which are the tiny ligaments that attach each tooth to the bony socket that they are nestled in, making chewing quite painful.

Finally, over time, from the repeated clenching, chewing muscles can hypertrophy or grow, which only worsens the grinding action by making it more powerful and therefore more painful. Bruxism is an unconscious behavior, and when it happens at night, its called sleep bruxism or nocturnal bruxism. Typically, sleep bruxism is noticed by family or friends, who hear the clicking and grinding sounds that the person makes as they grind their teeth and move their jaw while sleeping.

Night bruxism can leave a person feeling a dull, persistent headache and sore jaws when they wake up, both of which might slowly improve throughout the day. For awake or diurnal bruxism, there are a couple key differences. First, people dont feel jaw pain upon waking, but instead their pain worsens throughout the day. Second, they dont usually make grinding and clicking noises like in sleep bruxism.

And third, awake bruxism is more strongly associated with stress, and is often accompanied by other behaviors like biting the inner cheeks and nails. Bruxism is caused by a variety of things. First, some evidence points to it being caused by improperly aligned teeth, which results in irregular contact between the upper and lower teeth. Other clues point to other cause like stress, dehydration, medication side effects, and.

Use of recreational drugs like such as mdma, commonly known as ecstasy. Treatment for bruxism can take a lot of forms. For awake bruxism, one therapy involves behavior modification to help someone gain conscious control over the behavior. For example, someone might learn to notice when they are clenching their jaw, and then intervene by placing the tip of their tongue between their top and bottom teeth as a reminder.

Alcohols Effect on Your Teeth and Gums

Hi! i’m robosuzie and today i’ll talk to you about alcohol’s effect on your teeth and Gums. Also don’t forget to check out the link below, to find out, how I whitened my teeth safe and easy in just 2 simple steps! dentist whitening But back to our topic. Alcohol, though enjoyable in a drunkard or even a connoisseur’s intoxicated state, is known to not only waste internal organs but teeth as well. Alcohol is a napalm bomb of.

Sugars, which, when metabolized by the saliva in the mouth, almost turns immediately into plaque. And situation gets worse because almost every drunkard forgets to brush his/her teeth after drinking a bottle full of spirits. home remedy teeth whitening Gin, rummy, wine, vodka, whiskey, brandy and all sorts of alcoholic concoctions (and not to mention beer) have high concentrations of sugar. Sweet wines that have found their way into the mainstream liquor market are also taking center stage in being the primary.

Cause of plaque and tooth decay on binging adolescents and adults. sugar is the sole catalyst in defining sweet wine from dry wine. Grapes and apples are two of the primary ingredients used in wine. Both of these fruits, when fermented, convert sugar into alcohol. Some of the fruit will not be fermented, turning some of the extract into residual sugar, which is another danger to teeth, even at a measly 1% to 3% content meaning not even dry wine is completely free from sugar. Winemakers have also been.

Deliberately adding sugar (sucrose) to wine to boost its alcoholic content. As mentioned earlier, alcohol gets metabolized into sugar, and then the sugar into plaque faster than you can wake up from a hangover. The basic knowledge that we salivate more during the course of the day than at night gives us the notion that drinking during daylight will likely speed up the deterioration of our teeth, regardless if we brush or not. In addition, the chances of contracting cancer are higher if the person is a day drinker,.

Because the metabolism of the body is highest during the day. Gum disease is also very rampant on alcohol drinkers. Middleaged men are prone to periodontal disease, gingivitis and bad breath. The discouraging part is men brush their teeth only for a few minutes without even gargling thoroughly. dentist whitening Overnight liquor stains on teeth can’t be scraped off with just a few brush strokes. If a drinking party can’t be helped, be sure to bring alcoholfree mouthwash to the event. And to secure your dental health better, bring.

A toothbrush and toothpaste. it won’t hurt to come prepared. Wine has been an essential part of the lifestyle of many people and generations to come. It’s a sinful treat to bust off a week’s heavy workload. People like it. Women find it refreshing. home remedy teeth whitening Men indulge in it. Teenagers try every means to hitch it into a party. Old people enjoy winetasting. But beyond the commendation alcohol receives, it still gets no unanimous praise from the medical world especially from dentists. So be warned.

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