Extreme Jaw Pain From Wisdom Teeth

That was pretty good! What are you doing, put your foot down! No! Do you want to hear what happen to me I am not talking about my unicorn well there might have been one there but. Why do you want to go to Disneyland I want to ride Buzz Lightyear You just had your wisdom teeth out. I am not wise anymore I can not eat anymore Yes you can. Four That is six more than two! No, thats 2 more than 2. Ok, oh shit, wait, wait. ok, I can walk.

It is a miracle. Camron we have to go in the house Camron we have to go in the house we going to get in the house or we going to do it outside Shit, we going to do some nasty shit Camron, you got to. Why is Eric here He is not here. He is right there and he is laughing at me! There is no Eric Eric is on the road! He’s right there. He just jumped out the freaking window Is he ok Eric is fine. What about Captain America.

We are going to get married! You and Captain America Yes, Am I invited No! I do not want anybody there! I just want me and him! I do not have a tongue anymore! What am I supposed to do What do you need your tongue for To kiss! I can feel him They put gauze in there. The teeth are not there. the teeth grrrr. Hang on one more tooth! They say you will go to sleep for 46 hours, I do not think we will see a movie tonight baby.

Dazed and Confused A Wisdom Teeth and Bad Trip Fails Compilation by FailArmy

Are you going to take advantage of me I like that skeleton in the front room. I do too! He is like, hey you are going to die today! This is. I can not read. Extra. moose what! Where did they kill a moose! It is not a moose, they did not kill a moose honey! They killed a moose and now they want me to eat it! Honey, that is not a moose that is just the name of the ice cream! it is right here! How are you feeling.

My butt hole hurts. Listen. farting noise look at those flags over there on that building! They look good when they are wooooo In the windy! yeah! mom I am leaking again! and i do not know what it means! It is just the medicine baby Does this leak build the ocean No, baby. What built the ocean Who built the ocean Oh my god! What the hell! John, no no. What is that! That is a river. What the hell is a river! Water! oh my god! We are in the water right now!.

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