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Do you grind your teeth? Well, my name is Michelle, and I’m a dental assistant with Solutionz, and I’m going to kind of explain to you on what causes teeth grinding, so therefore, maybe you can stop grinding your teeth. The main reason of when you grind your teeth is has to do with stress. If you have a lot of stress in your life, or if you tend to get stressed out easily you might notice throughout the period of the the day, or even maybe whenever you’re sleeping that you’re starting to grind your teeth. A good way and a form of to stop that is just to go see your general dentist. Therefore, he might want to make you like a night guard, or something to protect your teeth, therefore you won’t grind them down.

To too, too extreme. But mainly a lot of stress too, whenever you’re dreaming. A lot of people if they dream a lot they tend to grind their teeth. Also too, if you have a lot of TMJ joint problems, which is your jaw joint problems that can promote the effects of teeth grinding, but there are several different reasons on what causes teeth grinding, but the main reason is for stress, whenever you’re dreaming, and dysfunctions with your TMJ joint. But once again, my name is Michelle, and I’m a dental assistant with Solutionz, and I just explained to you on what causes teeth grinding.

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In this tutorial we will quickly go over the likely and somewhat likely symptoms to each of these causes of pain. And then we will post in a link below a tutorial to where you can find temporary relief for each type of pain. It is important to listen to this tutorial in its entirety because each cause of pain has symptoms that mimic some of the other causes of toothache. And therefore you need to find a cluster of Toothache symptoms that relate to you and your toothache. We will start with a dying nerve. Your tooth has a nerve running down the center of it. If that nerve becomes sick your like to experience one or more of the likely symptoms. Tooth.

Pain to hot, pain to cold, a radiating pain down the side of your face and a sharp pain when biting down. You might also experience some of these other somewhat likely symptoms. An abscessed or dead tooth is likely to exhibit at least on of the following symptoms. Throbbing on the side of the face, swelling on the side of the face, pain that radiates up the side of the face, also, pain during or after chewing. You might also see a little pimple on the side of your gums. Also you might experience any one of the following somewhat likely symptoms. The symptoms of a cracked tooth vary widely depending on how deep the crack is. However you are very likely to have a sharp or zinging pain when you bite down that can be localized.

To a certain area. Also you might have radiating pain, throbbing, or even a loose tooth, also the somewhat likely symptoms. Your teeth have little ligaments that hold them into place. If those ligament become inflamed like they do for some people that grind their teeth you are likely to experience one of the following symptoms. Throbbing in your teeth, headaches, pain in your teeth that you can’t really localize where it is at in your mouth, pain after eating, or pain in your toothache after you wake up in the morning. Also the somewhat likely symptoms. If those teeth ligament become infected like in gum disease you are likely to experience one of the following symptoms. Throbbing in.

All your teeth, Pain upon biting or chewing, pain when you floss your teeth and then also swollen gums. Also the somewhat likely symptoms. Irritated tooth ligaments like when you get a popcorn husk stuck in you gums experience the following likely symptoms. Gum Pain to flossing, Gum pain to chewing in that localized area, throbbing from a localized area, also pain after eating a meal. A small to medium sized cavity most likely won’t give you any pain at all, but if it does it’s normally a pain to sweets or possibly to cold. Sensitive teeth are what happen when the underlying levels of your teeth become exposed like when you have gum recession or after the dentist.

Drills on your teeth. The likely symptoms are pain to cold in a specific area and also pain when you touch on random spots of your tooth. Also Tooth pain when you brush your teeth. TMJ or TMD is the disorder of this joint right here. And the symptoms vary widely but you would be most likely to have one of the following symptoms. Headaches, Pain that radiates on one side of the face or pain when chewing on one side of the face also many other somewhat likely symptoms. Wisdom teeth pain can mimic any of the other cause of pain I already explained However it is also very likely to have pain when biting and chewing in the very back corners of your.

Mouth. An oral fungal infection has one very common symptom and that is burning on your tongue or in your entire mouth. Oral Lesions are very serious and there are many different types and thus very many different symptoms you should get in to see your dentist especially if it doesn’t go away after 14 days. Oral lesions will normally burn in that localized area. I hope you were able to match a cluster of your symptoms to one of the causes of tooth pain. If you did now you can watch one of my tutorial on how to find temporary relief for that cause of pain. Also in the description below I am going to include a link to a diagram.

That is an overview of this tutorial. Well I hope you got something out of this. Like, Comment and Subscribe.

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