How Long Does Bruxism Last

There is a medical condition called bruxism it’s when you clench and grind teeth in your sleep. Without even knowing it, this damages your teeth enamel and reduces their lifespan. Moreover, bruxism can cast a vote against implants and caps, since whatever soft sort artificial teeth are, any ceramics is still harder then natural bone. So by grinding at night, the harder ceramic will destroy the opposite natural bone even faster. However, there is a solution. Buy a silicone dental guard. It has two identical parts, each of them has.

A small handle. Hold it by the handle and put in boiling water for 8 seconds, then immediately insert in your mouth and clench your teeth hard. Repeat this 34 times, until you get a perfect cast of your teeth. You may cut off the handles now. This thermoforming process allows the protector to stick to your teeth all through the night, protecting them from each other. So, night grinding in the bedroom should cease. Talking about beds, I’m sure a true visionary can find a lot more bedroom applications for a teeth protector like this one.

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