Jaw Pain After Crown Lengthening

what’s up everyone, welcome to Yoga with Adriene, I’m Adriene. Welcome to our new yoga room. This is our first tutorial back in the new yoga room, or our first yoga tutorial anyway.

Back in the new yoga room. So I welcome you, help me christen it with some yoga basics. This month we’re kind of getting back to basics and today we’re going to do back pain. Well, we’re not gonna do back pain,.

But we’re gonna kind of address back pain and really just spend some time on the floor remembering that your yoga practice has your back. Welcome to the new room, it’s probably gonna change. We might paint it,.

We might even move to another room, who knows. But I think that this practice in particular, especially since it’s for the back, and just our yoga practice in general is awesome for teaching us to find support from within and of course, to go with the flow.

So let’s hop on the mat and get started. (steady guitar music) Alright my friends, so today we’re gonna begin on our backs. Take your time getting there, maybe take a full body stretch when you land. And begin to notice your breath as we begin.

Take a second to notice, some of you have probably heard me say this before, that your yoga mat or your yoga practice, your yoga, has your back. Literally in this moment, right? Bring the hands to your ribs,.

Bring your feet to the outer edges of your mat, and then allow the knees to fall in. Take your time getting here, no rush. Then lift your lower back, lift your pelvis and see if you can just tuck the tailbone in, maybe reaching it up towards the sky.

So we’re just lengthening out through the lower back, basically. Then we’ll draw the shoulder blades in and together and down, so we’re just crawling those shoulder blades underneath you so we can open up through the chest.

Yoga For When Youre Sore with special guest

Hey, everyone welcome to yoga with adriene. i’m adriene and today we have a quick sequence for when you’re feeling sore. So this isn’t a big yoga practice that targets every major muscle group. This is just a little dedee that I think would be great if you’re like 24 or 48 hours after your run, or workout or maybe you went into a high yoga class, or maybe you went to a zumba class, or you did something that you are really proud of and your body is definitely feeling it and you are not necessarily ready to repeat whatever.

It is you did, but you want to kind of stretch, and release, and do a little something, something. Okay, this is a request, so hop on the mat. Actually, you don’t need a mat today. Hop on your feet and we’re not even going to get on hands and knees today, so it’s just a standing practice. So let’s hop to it. Okay, my friends, today we are going to stand anywhere on your mat. You don’t even need a mat for today’s practice. How about that? But wherever you are, we are just going to.

Bring the feet together, and we are going to stand up nice and tall and take a big old breathe in and squeeze the shoulders up to the ears. Benji’s relaxing. And then on an exhale, draw the fingertips down, allow the shoulder blades to really anchor down towards the earth and recreate space here in the neck and shoulder. Let’s do that two more times. Inhale, really scooping the shoulders, sorry, forward up, and back and then using the exhale to tag a little weight on the fingertips and recreate space. One more time, big circles.

Here. Awesome. Draw your chin to your chest here, reach the finger tips, let them interlace behind the tail, so no need to lock the legs out here. We can keep kind of a soft buoyancy here. We are going to draw the knuckles down and then maybe away, but no need to push it here. So I’m really sore today in my arms, my forearms and in the biceps, so already I’m getting a nice stretch here opening up through the pectorals. Maybe you’re sore from.

Pushups or being at the gym. and we open up through the chest. Last breathe here, I invite you to tuck the pelvis just a little bit, while the tailbone to grow heavy. And then we’ll lift the chin up just slightly, stretching through the neck. Big breathe in, use your exhale to break free, shake it up. Awesome. Now, we are going to bring the feet here with the part toes pointing forward. And we are going to inhale. It’s kind of a tai chi move here but not as slow. I’m going to really.

Press through the base of the wrist here and reach the fingertips up kind of coming to the zombie arm. Stretch, stretch, stretch forward, then repeat the loop of the shoulders as you loop forward up and back. Two more times because I’m really stretching through the forearms, stretching through the wrists, great for carpal tunnel. One more time, awesome. And then pressing forward, stop! In the name of. Take your right hand to your left fingers, and maybe again, to pull back gently. Shoulders relaxed down and then we switch.

Awesome, big breath in, big breath out and shake it off. awesome. sweep the fingertips all the way up, full body stretch. Again, tuck the pelvis and tailbone grows heavy. We inhale reach, reach, reach, long puppy belly here and then side body stretch, taking the right hand to the left wrist and think up with the heart up and over. Nice side body stretch. Oh yeah, good for me here. Right shoulder girdle, right shoulder comes up towards the sky. So it might be here, so thing about lifting your heart. One more big breath in.

Here and big breath out. awesome. back to center, go ahead and relax the arms down and a couple of neck circles here. I like to imagine drawing circles with the nose, one way and then the other. Awesome, sweep your put your arms all the way here, big stretch here, volcano pose, draw the shoulders down, tuck the pelvis, and then we’ll take this side body stretch to the other side. Careful not to come in already collapsed. Think up, lift your heart.

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Jaw Pain After Crown Lengthening

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