Jaw Pain After Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

The Day After Getting My Wisdom Teeth Removed

Hey guys. First of all, I want to say, I am perfectly aware of how swollen my face is. If you didn’t watch my two tutorials from yesterday, then, um, I got my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. But when I did the tutorials, I think I still had gauze in my mouth for both tutorials. So, but, now I have no gauze in my mouth. My face is just this swollen. And it’s really sore, but the medicine is working for the most part. So I’m not in too much pain.

Actually feel, like, full right now. This is the first time I haven’t been hungry since like yesterday because I couldn’t eat before the surgery either. And then afterward, I mean, I had mashed potatoes for dinner. And it was the most painful thing. Like even eating mashed potatoes was incredibly painful. But then I had cream of potato soup for lunch today, which apparently I’m going to be eating a lot of potatoes. But, um, and it actually had chunks of potatoes in it. And that was the first time I’d actually, like, chewed something.

And, um, it actually went pretty well, and it actually filled me up. Because I didn’t eat that much mashed potatoes yesterday because it was just so painful. But, yeah, at least I’m finally, like, eating more kind of. And we leave for Florida on Monday. And I’m still not going to be able to eat some stuff then. So, hopefully though, I’ll be able to eat, like, at least somewhat. Like at least chew more. Because thatbecause obviously we’re going to be stopping in restaurants and stuff on the way down there. And yeah.

But, one, I got freaked out last night because, um, You’re supposed to wait like twelve hours before you rinse your mouth out. And it tells you that on that thing. But my mom told me to go ahead and, like, rinse my mouth out that night. And so I did. And, um, I think I ripped one of my stitches out on this side. Doing that. And it was like really long and in my, like,.

It started bleeding and then it was like really I had a string hanging off that wasn’t, like, stitched anymore. But then, um, it’s finally stopped bleeding, and I looked stuff up, and it said that as long as you keep it clean, it should be okay. And I talked to my friend Summer, who had her wisdom teeth removed, and she said the same thing happened to her and it’s fine. But then, the piece of sting like completely broke off, and, so, yeah. But itas long as it heals, I don’t care. I have to rinse with salt water like four times a day. And that is just so nasty.

I don’t know why. Because, I mean, it’s the same water that’s in the ocean and everything. It’s not like I’ve never had salt water in my mouth before. But I just can’t stand it. I had to do it like fifteen minutes ago. And it’s just disgusting. I mean, I wanna keep it clean. So it’ll heal and everything. But it’s just so disgusting.

And I’m supposed to do that for a week, so I’m still going to be doing that when we’re in Florida too. And it’s supposed to be warm water. So I don’t know how I’m going to do that when we’re traveling. Like I guess I can take salt with me. But yeah. That’s kind of weird. But I really hope the swelling goes down before then. I don’t know how long it’ll take for my face to stop being so swollen like this.

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Jaw Pain After Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

Jaw Pain After Having Wisdom Teeth Removed:

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