Left Jaw Pain When Biting Down

Hey everybody, it’s Jo. I got an emailfrom Barry and he was having some TMJ pain. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint whichis your jaw joint right there. And I’m gonna show you today just some simple stretchesand strengthening exercises to get that TMJ feeling better. So we’re just gonna startoff, you want to start off gently with these exercises, you don’t want to push very hardbecause this joint is small and it can get irritated very quickly. The first one youwanna do is you’re gonna use the palm of your hand so you’re not pushing with your fingers,but you’re using just your palm. You’re gonna put your palm on one side, doesn’t matter becausewe’re gonna do both. And you gonna keep your

mouth and teeth aligned. So the jaw staysin one spot, your teeth stay aligned so they’re not going back and forth like that. You’regonna keep it nice and still and you’re gonna push your palm in that way. And just holdit in place. A nice little 5 second push. Good. See how my jaw’s not actually movingbut I’m just putting gentle pressure on one side. Then after your do that maybe 35 times,5 seconds a piece, then you’re gonna switch and do the same thing on the other side. Somake sure you don’t just do one side and not the other side cause you wanna keep it even.The next one really simply, you’re gonna open your mouth just a little bit and put yourfingers inside but make sure you don’t bite

your fingers. You’re not biting, your keepingagain your jaw still and pushing pressure down this time. So you’re gonna put your fingersin your mouth on your bottom teeth, and just push down. See again my jaw’s not moving.I’m not stretching it open, I’m keeping it in one spot. Again just start off with about5 seconds of gentle pushing and do that about 5 times. The last one is to stretch out thejoin back here. You’re going to put your palm on your chin and just push straight back.Again you wanna make sure that your teeth are in alignment. If your teeth are over hereor over here and your moving it, you’re going to irritate that joint. So just palm on thechin. And relax your jaw. And push straight

back. So those are the exercises to strengthenand stretch out your TMJ joint if you’re having some pain in your jaw. Just start off withabout 5 seconds and then build your way up, but make sure your not pushing too hard. Theseare gentle stretches for that small joint in your jaw. If you have any questions, pleaseleave them in the comments section. And if you’d like to check out some more tutorials goto AskJo . Be safe. Have fun. And I hope you feel better soon!.

7 Most Painful Dental Conditions Ever How They Will Kill You

These are the seven most painful dental conditions ever. After watching this, you’ll be scared shitless about your next trip to the dentist. Number 7: Dental AbscessA dental abscess is an infection inside the tooth or the gums that’s filled with pus.If not treated properly, it has the potential to turn deadly. While there are a few differenttypes of abscesses, they generally all have similar symptoms. The pain involved with an abscess usuallystarts off mild, but can quickly become extremely painful. The pain has been described as athrobbing or shooting sensation. The area in question will also swell up turn red.In more extreme cases, the abscess may spread

to the bones tissue near the teeth, whichcould cause swelling in the face or lymph glands on the neck. The pain will then spreadto the side of the face near the toothache. If a severe abscess were to go untreated,it could eventually spread internally to tissues muscles near the infected area. This spreadcan lead to a dangerous condition known as Ludwig’s angina, or an infection occuringon the floor of the mouth. This disease can be deadly as it often restricts necessaryairways. In fact, the name “anginaâ€� is derived from the Greek word “ankhon,â€�meaning “strangling.â€� In addition to feelings of being strangled, the face, neck, headwill also become infected.

It is even possible for people to die froman abscess. Famous fashion designer notorious Nazi supporter Hugo Boss died from a toothabcess in 1948. A 12yearold boy named Deamonte Driver died from a tooth abscess as well whenit spread to his brain. Despite two operations six weeks in the , his life couldnot be saved. The same thing happened in 2011 to 24yearold Kyle Willis when the infectionspread to his brain caused it to swell. In the cases of both Driver Willis, a delayin treatment was due to the fact that neither of them had health insurance. Number 6: Periodontal Gum DiseasePeriodontal gum disease is the result when

gingivitis goes untreated. It appears as inflammation infection around the tooth when severe enough, can cause tooth loss damage to yourbone structure. Once your gums are infected, they begin pulling away from the tooth. Thisspace allows bacteria to form underneath the gums. It’ll then progress by badly damagingthe bone structure under the gums usually results in teeth falling out or being removedif not treated properly. Symptoms of periodontal gum disease includesensitive teeth, bleeding gums, swollen gums, loose teeth, painful chewing. It is oftenthe result of smoking, hormonal changes, or a byproduct of other diseases such as diabetesor even AIDS.

Number 5: EdentulismEdentulism is a condition in which one is either completely—or at least partially—toothless.It affects an estimated 158 million people worldwide. As we all can suspect, losing one’s teethcan be very problematic. Teeth serve many basic yet important functions such as chewingfood, maintaining speech, supporting your facial structure. Teeth also allow humansto break their food down in a manner that is more digestible through a process knownas mastication. As a result, malnutrition is a very possible side effect, which mayadditionally have a domino effect. Weight

loss, constipation, arthritis have beenknown to occur as well. In the most extreme cases of edentulism, the condition has evenbeen connected to more serious sometimes lifethreatening diseases such as Parkinson’sdisease, heart problems, even cancer. Number 4: TMJ ConditionsTemporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMJ, describes a condition in which three importantparts of the mouth experience pain: the muscles that move the jaw, the muscles of mastication, the temporomandibular joints (which connect the mandible to the skull). If left untreated,TMJ conditions can become chronic quite painful.

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Left Jaw Pain When Biting Down

Left Jaw Pain When Biting Down:

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