Nicorette Gum Jaw Pain

Hi. Hi. What’s your name ? Cameron. Hi, Cameron.l’m Patch. [ Sniffling ]l have a cold. Just a bit of a cold. ls my nose red ?Oh, it is. It’s red. Ohh ! Oh. What’s that ?You don’t know ?

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Podcast 182 Dwight Jennings A Live Look at Bite Realignment How TMJ Impedes Performance

Dwight Jennings: This is polyvinyl siloxane,it’s a silicone epoxy that sets up in about 15 seconds. This is a much higher accuracyat figuring out how teeth come together than either carbon paper or wax, or anything else.Dave: Okay. Dwight Jennings: Bite on your back teeth;stay closed. Let’s see that nice endonend bite. Good. Open for me there.Dave: All right, hold it up for the camera Dwight Jennings: Then we hold this upto the light and it tells how everything’s Dwight Jennings: How everything’s touching.This is like a pressure gauge. Right there? Speaker 3: Yeah, perfect, thanks. Dwight Jennings: It shows us in thousandths

of an inch how everything’s touching.Dave: We can see more light coming through parts, that’s where my teeth are hitting rightnow? Dwight Jennings: Right.Dave: My jaw is misaligned because I’ve been sleeping without the right bite guard fora while. Dwight Jennings: Yeah, so you you’ve gotsome outside … Normal teeth should meet like this, you’re upper tooth should hanga half tooth out over your bottom tooth and so you should only have peak to valley andpeak valley and not on the inclines. Some of these we were showing some inclines inthe back but we’ve come together pretty good

in the front.We look like we’re maybe just hitting maybe just a speck heavy on your right front tooth,but pretty good. Let me look at the picture; bite, close for me now, let’s see how everything’sgrowing here. We’ve grown, we’re getting down pretty close there and if we were closer andwe were just in that night piece more often on you, those teeth would be able to growin quicker and Dave: Okay. Dwight Jennings: They stayed quite stable there, everything’s pretty good; just onelittle speck on the outside and a little speck on the front.Dave: Invisalign just came out with new thing

that allows you to pull teeth out to makethem grow faster of about a millimeter every four to six weeks. Have you played with yetto first growth? Dwight Jennings: I haven’t; I’ll haveto look at that. The problem with most Invisalign treatment is that they don’t grow the backteeth taller. You could take somebody who has crooked lower front teeth, and you startstraightening those front teeth, it forces your jaw backwards on you unless you’re puttingvertical in the case. I have a couple really severe cases, I havea 35yearold male who developed hyperacousis and became totally disabled over Invisalign.Then I have another lady that we just started

on that developed severe oralmandibular dystonia;she lost her ability to talk at about six months into Invisalign therapy.Dave: What’s going on there? Is a focus on cosmetics, not function. I certainly knowone guy who’s using Invisalign for neuromuscular dentistry. I think it’s not that Invisalignis good or bad; it’s that if you use it to just make things pretty, well, we you mightlose function. If you use it to make things functional, it seems like a pretty neat tech.I was thinking of using it, I wanted to talk you first to help my back teeth grow, becausethey don’t grow very quickly. Basically, I don’t know how exactly it works, but it’sonly been out for three months, so I’m interested.

Dwight Jennings: They’re most likely tobe putting buttons on those teeth and they just stimulate theDave: They just keep pulling the tooth up a little bit, so you one or two teeth at atime on each side; but the growth rate’s very fast which is cool. Dwight Jennings: Teeth, it takes five times as much force to intrude a tooth asit does to extruded tooth; so teeth, you can pull them up pretty easily.Dave: Oh, cool. I think I’m going to do that because I don’t know if the camera can catchthis, but if you look in mouth I have these big caps on my back teeth but the ones nextto it aren’t there, so see that?

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Nicorette Gum Jaw Pain

Nicorette Gum Jaw Pain:

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