Pain Radiating From Tooth To Jaw

Hi, Im Dr. Enoch with the Advanced Hearing Center in Salt Lake City. Today I want to discuss a topic that recently has come up with several of my patients and that is ear pain. Whats the first thing you do with ear pain Well, first thing, you want to get it checked out. Most people believe that ear pain is just that, a pain from your ear. But it turns out that at least 50 of the time, its not. It comes from your jaw. You may have heard the term TMJ or Temperomandibular joint inflammation. And the jaw, it hurts.

The joint is right here where your ear canal is right there. Theyre very, very close and so its very easy for the pain from your jaw to radiate into your ear and make you think that its your ear that hurts. I had a patient. She was new to hearing aids and about 3 months into the process, she felt like her ear was really, really hurting. She came in. I looked in her ear and it looked good. It didnt look to be any abnormality at all. And then I asked her, have you had any problems with your teeth or your jaw.

And she says, well maybe a little bit. I sent her to her dentist and she came back a week later painfree. Turns out that she had a tooth that needed a root canal. No, Im not saying if you have ear pain and you need a root canal. But using things like a bite guard when you sleep or checking with your dentist to see what kind of things would help your jaw, would be a great, great start. A recent study done showed that over 50 of all people who experienced ear pain that went to their ear, nose and throat doctor, over.

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