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Are you a clencher? Do you tend to grind your teeth at night? Well, my name’s Michelle, and I’m a dental assistant with Solutionz, and I’m here to explain to you on how you can stop grinding your teeth or clenching your teeth. Pretty much you would need to see your general dentist, so therefore, he would be able to make the assessment that you do clench your teeth. A good way of actually making that assessment yourself is if you wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning, and your TMJ joint or your jaw joint is really sore, it’s really hard for you to bite down sometimes those are usually good signs that you are clenching your teeth at night, so you need to let your general dentist.

Be, make him aware of this that you are having these side effects, and he might want to prescribe you what we call is a night guard. There’s not any real way or form of to completely stop clenching your teeth. It’s something that you do unconsciously. A lot of times if you’re doing it during the day, or if even if you’re doing it at night whenever you sleep, so it’s really hard for you to know that. But make your dentist aware of this He’ll you know, prescribe that you wear a nightguard which looks similar to this. You would just place it in your mouth. It’s just almost like wearing a sportsguard or some type of mouthguard. You’d wear that at night or during the day; whenever he recommends for you to wear it.

And then, this will prevent you from clenching your teeth even more. But I’m a dental assistant with Solutionz, and I just explained to you on how to stop clenching your teeth.

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