Teeth Grinding Toddler While Awake

Rohee is getting ready to go out. Mouth. / Mouth. (Closing her mouth) Close your eyes. (Rubbing) (He washes her face powerfully.).

Your face is becoming clean. Gargle. (Gargling to finish the routine.) Spit it out. There you go. Good job. Rohee, let’s apply lotion on your face.

Your skin will crack in winter without lotion. You need to take care of your skin. Come here. Rohee, come here. / Rohee. (I will run away.) I got you.

Rohee, look at me. Tap like this. / She’s applying lotion. Did seeing me apply lotion make you interested? Copy me. There you go. (I’m a woman who takes care of her skin.).

rohee, where is your forehead? / where is it? Is that your forehead? / I see. It’s your forehead. It’s one thing you take after me. The mother and daughter have perfect foreheads. Sooyoung wants us to pick up things for Rohee. When? / Whenever.

Which sooyoung are they talking about? (Is it Lee Sooyoung the singer?) (Or is it Ryu Suyoung the actor?) Rohee, bring everything you want. I’ll give her the headsup. Is there are a lot of things?.

I am sure there are since she has two daughters. (Who is she?) It’s nice that she lives close to a mountain. Do you want me to hold it? (Would you hold it for a little while?) Are you going to walk with your hands behind your back?.

(it’s a nice weather to take a walk.) Be careful. Don’t step into the hole. The Return of Superman episode 164, You Can’t Have a Rainbow Without Rain. Rohee is here.

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