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Whiten Teeth Instantly With MAKEUP Wengie

Just want to let you guys know I daily vlog, so if you guys want to peek into my everyday life, or just, you know, spend some time relaxing and chilling with me, head over to my vlog channel, I post there every single day so I’ll see you guys over there! Hey guys, it’s Wengie here! Welcome back to my channel Today’s another episode of Try It Wengie, where I try different things to see if you guys want to try it yourself. Actually it’s really exciting, because I’m trying this super weird product from Japan,.

And you know how much I love my weird quirky Japanese products. So yeah, I can’t wait to share it with you guys! But hold up, If you guys haven’t joined my family already, I really encourage you guys to join. We’re a wonderful bunch here, and all you need to do is hit the subscribe button. And I make two tutorials a week, and you’ll get updates on them So this product is from Japan and it is called quot;Tooth Makeupquot;.

And it’s by a brand called Hanic DC Aqua, and if you guys want to win one of these, I’m going to be giving two away. Stay ’til the end and I’ll let you guys know how to do that. Now this makeup is yes not for your face, but for your teeth, so if you guys want to whiten your teeth instantly, Maybe you can’t afford teeth whitening, or if you’re like me you are just super sensitive to teeth whitening that it literally feels like someone’s like electrocuting your mouth.

Even after breathing in like a gallon of laughing gas. Yeah, this is makeup, so it’s temporary, It’s just for like, you know, certain looks. If you guys have like lipstick that makes your teeth look super yellow, this is maybe a solution. I think I only paid like, twenty dollars for it. I’m gonna put the link for it down below.

So there’s a few styles. The blue one is the whitest one, they have an orange one which is more of a natural white. This (blue one) is like a super bright white. The actual packaging is so cute, it looks like a little tooth on top. The lid looks literally like a tooth. The formula is a really liquid, and there’s a little metal ball for you guys to shake it up, you can kind of hear it. Lets give this a go! The first step to trying on this product is to shake it up.

Second step is to get rid of all the moisture from your teeth so you get like a tissue, Wipe off all of your globby saliva That’s all the moisture comes off, same with my lipstick. Make sure you keep your mouth open, and don’t like put saliva back on from your lips or anything. The tips that they’ve given you guys is to put like tape up here and below to stick your lips like this so you look amazing. cool rap music.

Can’t even talk while i’m doing this, like this is literally what I sound like while I’m trying on this product. unintelligible mumbling The tip they say is to do three strokes down your teeth And then what you wanna do is you wanna put on one coat I don’t even know how many coats you’re supposed to put on, because this is all in Japanese. I have a feeling that you’re only supposed to put one coat of this So you’re supposed to wait for ten minutes for it to dry before you close your mouth again.

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