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Teeth Whitening Tips &Techniques : Whitening Teeth of the products that we use is called nite white. they also have them as day white. these work really ,really well. i like this product because it comes in a syringe. this is just a touchup kit that we have. when you do the initial stage it comes in a whole box, it has all the syringes necessary for you to do the treatment. but sometimes, after a year or two, the stains start to come back a little bit, you want to touch it up. you still have your tray, because the tray is always yours. you can just go to your dentist. and just purchase something like this for a touchup. usually theres one syringe inside,. and its more than sufficient to maintain the color. basically in the touchup, its. a syringe and you put a tip on, and its the same thing. this is the solution the gel. is in the syringe..

Teeth Whitening Tips: How Teeth Bleaching &Whitening Products Work.hi, im katrina szish for howdini. today were going to talk about how teeth whitening works. to do that, im joined by cosmetic dentist dr. brian kantor. nice to see you. nice to see you. so everybody wants that glamorous gleaming grin. now, how white can you actually get your teeth its a very good question. every patient comes in and say they want their teeth whitened. they want their teeth to be as white as this celebrity. well, unfortunately, most of the celebrities that you see on tv, their teeth are very white because they have porcelain veneers. they didnt get that white through bleaching. i tell my patients you have to be realistic about how white your teeth. can get from bleaching. itll definitely get white. youll definitely look refreshed. i say a good result is if you notice a difference from the bleaching, then it. was a good result. makes sense. great advice. now, how long does professional whitening actually last. its very unpredictable. it works great on some people. and unfortunately, bleaching does not work on everybody, but you will get. some good results. you will have to maintain that bleach because its not going to. remain white forever. ok, now, of course, the question everybody wants to know. how much will this cost. it varies. inoffice professional whitening can range anywhere from. about $500 up to $1,500. takehome trays given by dentists also range from about $300 to $600. and then overthecounter products are much more reasonably priced at around. $20 to $100. they do work as well. ok, now, how can you tell if your teeth are actually just a certain. color or if theyre stained. how can you tell the difference. well, you use your teeth often, and they are porous so they. can accumulate stain. so red wine, coffee, chocolate, they all stain the teeth. so we use a surface stain remover, such as a whitening toothpaste, and. that will remove the surface stain, and thats the color of your teeth. ok, now, what is all of this doing to my teeth. well, first lets talk about the difference between. bleaching and whitening. so whitening is when you make your teeth appear whiter than they are by. removing the surface stain, and thats with whitening toothpaste, whitening. mouth rinse. a lot of overthecounter products say theyll whiten the teeth. they do so just by removing surfacing stain. bleaching is different. bleaching has an ingredient called hydrogen peroxide. and bleaching actually puts a hydrogen peroxide material, which is a. bleaching agent. and the oxygen from the hydrogen peroxide will oxidize these. longchains stains and breaks these chains up intrinsically, and that. actually bleaches the tooth, making the teeth lighter than. they actually were. wow. now, is all of that safe. the only side effects it can have is that it can make your teeth. temporarily sensitive and it can irritate the gums. but that will go. away within a day or two, and theres no negative effects. that sounds amazing. is this something i can do for the rest of my life. yes. as you age, your teeth are going to stain. theyre going to accumulate more stain as you age, so you want to keep your. teeth refreshed and white. so yes, you can maintain bleach, and you can bleach throughout the. rest of your life. fantastic. all great advice. thank you so much, dr. kantor. much appreciated. ok, now, i feel like a whitening wizard. how about you. lets recap. whitening your teeth has three steps. stain removal by a good oral care routine and using products that help. whiten your teeth. stain bleaching for the discoloration that exists below the enamel surface. this can be done by your dentist or with an inhome system. stain protection by avoiding the food and drink that causes surface stains. keeping up your routine. and as always, talk to your dentist first on one of your. next regular checkups. on behalf of crest 3d white, im katrina szish for howdini. for more information, check out the website..

Teeth Whitening Tips : Teeth Whitening dr. joe neely, i practice with the barton oaks dental group. were going to talk about the safety of tooth whitening products. the greatest risk in tooth whitening product used is creating hypersensitive teeth. people that have a history of hypersensitive teeth need to solve that issue before they use any home bleaching products, especially home products that are hard to control. you can use the power zoom and laser whitening in office, and be particularly careful of covering up any areas where your enamel is thin or restructure is exposed, certainly covering up your gum tissue, more effectively than you can, a person. with sensitive teeth can bleach using a home product. bleach does not effect the strength. of the tooth, but if you have a hypersensitive tooth because the enamel is very thin or you. have exposed root structure, the bleach against those structures will cause an already hypersensitive. tooth to react and inflame even more. if you do have sensitivity, there are fluorides and. other desensitizing agents that are made to sooth the tooth, you can use your bleach less. often, but you cant ignore a hypersensitive tooth. in terms of longevity of bleaching. products, after the initial bleaching phase, which can last up to three weeks, there is. no data on anyone who uses bleaching products for touch up more often than once a month. so, you want to be very, very careful after your initial bleaching, that you dont overdo. your touch up..

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Dental Implant Surgery - A Solution For Tooth Loss.dr. jimmy kilimitzoglou: dental implant surgery, surprisingly enough is pretty gentle. it involves getting numb and sometimes we have to push the gum out of the way to gain access because implants are basically titanium devices that get installed into the jawbone. sometimes we don’t even have to do that. we can just go right through the gum. it’s very, very simple. straightforward. patients generally expect to feel a little vibration and after the procedure some advil or tylenol can basically take care of the discomfort..

Can I Have Dental Implants Done While On Holidays Overseas?.of course, you.can have implants placed overseas and i invite you to explore all opportunities available to you. my suggestion is to please consider a number of factors with whomever you have the implants with the timings of treatment, make sure its done predictably and successfully therefore for you make sure you consider have you got enough bone present, is there an absence of infection in your mouth before the implants placed your followup visits, make sure that you ensure that the bone graft has been successful before the implant, the implant has been successful. before the crown. and all these factors usually take some time,. so you need to have multiple visits with whomever youre seeing, whether thats locally or overseas. also, take into consideration your health fund, whether or not in australia youll get. any rebates, and also whether or not the tax department will enable you for any net medical. expenses tax offset for you therefore to be able to claim against the cost of your implant. in australia. provided youve considered all these factors. in the mix for you as to what decision you make, then please feel comfortable that youve. made the right decision for you..

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