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My dentist told me that I have crossbite and gave me all the horror stories about TMJ, wearing out my teeth before I’m old and warped teeth in a couple years. Sounds like a hard sell. What did the dentist recommend Do I need braces for a crossbite Isn’t there something less severe we could try If you were younger, a palatal expander would help. The problem is my mouth, not my house. Palate, not palace. It would expand your palate. I’m not a kid. So now you’re looking at the more serious solutions. Braces are tough, but so is oral.

Surgery. Braces hurt as much as surgery. Braces can hurt, especially when they are adjusted. Surgery hurts a lot, and you still might need braces afterward. Then there’s the horrific metal mouth. It’s the stuff of nightmares. If the crossbite isn’t bad, you could get invisible braces. Or ceramic ones, if you can’t stand the metal ones. Ceramic is expensive. The price you pay for beauty. Well, you’d have to pay for braces anyway, so why not nicer ones And braces take a year or two to work. Surgery works more quickly. However, surgery works best when the bones haven’t fully.

Fused. And once you’re an adult, it isn’t an option. Correct. Whereas braces, while often the bane of adolescence, will work for adults. What are the other options Delaire mask, which is used to pull on the teeth. It looks like a French torture device, or the metal orthodontic appliances the truly cursed wore in high school. Fine, I’ll get the braces. Especially if you can get behind the teeth braces, clear or ceramic braces. Then no one would know you had them. Except for the coworkers who know I’m missing work for orthodontic appointments.

Do I Need Braces for a Crossbite

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