TMJ Treatment For Tourette’s

Hi, my name is Robin, and I’m from Young Harris, Georgia. I came to see Dr. Simonton because I was having problems with opening my jaw, really eating and chewing. I found Dr. Simonton, checked him out, and looked at the patients and what he’d done in the past with other patients in his procedures. I found that he’d be the best candidate in the best position for me to have the surgery done. He did arthroplasty of the left TMJ joint. I had surgery, and two days later, I had no pain. It was fantastic. As a health.

Care professional I’m a registered nurse I worked in hospitals where this procedure is done time and time again. I’ve seen both good ones and bad ones, and some of the times, the facial nerve gets hit, cut, and it makes you have some paralysis. Dr. Simonton has perfected that technique, and so you don’t have the strain and the worry about that. I went from opening my mouth about 2 to 4 within two days. Dr. Simonton is on of the best doctors around. Like I said, I looked at other doctors, and I checked into them.

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